Offer & Booking | Surf & Coworking in Spain | June 2014

    We  can’t wait for the summer! It’s not only that the betahaus in Hamburg got a new location and it is moving a few meters closer  to the Schanze – For one week (23rd till 30th of June) we will work directly close to the BEACH! Our motivation is to find the perfect combination of surfing Spanish waves and getting business done – work & travel 2.0 !
    And all other coworkers from different coworking spaces are more than welcome to join us!

    Just a walk away from the beach in Galicia , we have everything here that the coworking and surfer 's heart desires. 


    • Galicia / Spain: 16.06.2014 - 23.06.2014
    • Galicia / Spain: 23.06.2014 - 30.06.2014

    Our Offer

    * 7 times varied organic breakfast

    * 7 times dinner (cooking by each 2-3 participants - procurement of ingredients by Driftwood Travelling )

    * For advanced surfers: 7 times surf-guiding by the Driftwood Travelling team

    * For Surf-Beginners : 3 x 3 hrs surf lesson with the surf teachers of Driftwood Travelling . In addition, common surfing and sharing tips and tricks

    * Different surfboards for beginners and advanced

    * 5 Yoga-Sessions offered by coworker Simone


    * WIFI and Shared Printer


    Price for betahaus-member:

    • 550 EUR*

    Price for NON-betahaus-member (external):

    • 650 EUR*

    *Price per person / per week - all points under "offer" included

    Any questions?

    Steffen berät Euch gerne.

    If you got any questions please contact us per mail: or call Steffen under 0151/24051031.


    We are looking forward to your message!

    Your Booking

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    Terms & Conditions

    If you're after booking and payment and you decide to cancel the trip,
    the following conditions apply :

    * For cancellation up to 60 days before departure there are costs in the amount of 180 EUR

    * For cancellations made 30 days before departure there are costs in the amount of 360 EUR

    * For a cancellation within 30 days prior to departure fall on the entire cost in the amount of 550 EUR ( betahaus member) or 650 EUR (no betahaus member)

    * There are no chancellation charges if you transfer your booking to someone else to do the trip with (if this person is not a betahaus member the amount is increased by EUR 100)


    * Should a trip for some reason can not take place (or is not provided by us ), you get refunded the entire amount. A claim for another trip is not automatic .